Protecting Your Tree Investment


Residential Tree Safety Inspections


Inspect the trees around a home you may purchase including neighboring trees and make recommendations for care or removal.

Why I do it…

The safety of your home may be in jeopardy from older, weaker, and otherwise unsafe trees.

How I do it…

An inspection of a property’s trees can help minimize their potential hazard to persons and property.

when to do it…

Before rather than after the purchase of the property. This way the potential buyer has the opportunity to negotiate a more favorable price should trees with safety/health concerns be found.

The trees on a property quite often are neglected in anticipation of a home being sold. The seller will emphasize the inside of a home, not the outside. You as the buyer do not want to be stuck with a big unexpected bill for removing an unsafe tree or worse .

As you would have a building inspector examine a home you plan to buy, you can have important trees checked to minimize any unwanted surprises.


My work is only to provide you with an experienced arborist’s opinion of the type and condition of your major trees. Having retired after 35 years owning my tree care companies, I no longer need to sell work to keep crews employed. You are my customer, my job is to keep you and your property safe and sound.

About Me

My name is Scott Wylie. I’ve worked in the tree care business since 1965 for many small and large tree care companies in Fairfield County. I’ve owned two tree care companies for 35 years. Studied tree care at the Landscape Institute, Harvard University, Yale Forestry and Environmental Studies, and the New York Botanical Garden where I also taught adult education. Florida Master Gardener 2017.

what do my services cost?

An inspection and written or email report costs from $200 to $500 for average sized properties. Quotes are available for larger properties. I always encourage you to join me on the inspection so I can best assess your concerns.



My garden and plant guru… very knowledgable about all organic options. - Ellen L., Greenwich, CT

He’s not afraid to tell me what I don’t want to hear. - Robert M., Riverside, CT


State of Connecticut DEEP Licensed Arborist, Ornamental and Turf, and Mosquitoes and Biting Flies.


Greenwich Chamber of Commerce, Connecticut Tree Protective Association, Connecticut Environmental Council, International Society of Arboriculture